"LOVE the Wag! I use to use one of those big black paper clip/binders for my money clip because all of the others would bend out of shape. One day my old boss saw me pull out my "paper clip" money clip and gave me a Wag Wallet. I've been using them for the last 4 years."

- Scott, Kentucky

 "Since I started using the Wag my back has felt great. It was tough getting used to but hang in there and your back will thank you. It has made me a new man! I wish I had known about these years ago."

- Dan, Ohio

 "I've used it everyday since i got it 2 years ago. Very convenient and you don't feel it in your pocket, long lasting. The only minor issue is that it takes a moment to put just received bills in order after buying an item but only a minor inconvenience. Especially good for those who don't keep their money in a wallet, like myself."

- Dr. Sims

 "My husband recently got a Wag Wallet through his company and I admit I was skeptical at first. Then we went to the beach and condensed our necessary drivers licences', credit cards, and cash which really saved us room in the beach bag. Now I am a believer and have a Wag Wallet for myself. Thanks"

- Anne, Florida

"Can't live without one. I tried traditional money clips, card holders, etc. It's a great product. I really can't imagine being without a Wag ever again."

- Mike, Kentucky

"I recently went on vacation and the car ride was long and painful. I was in a convenient store complaining about my lower back when a man behind me asked if I was using a thick wallet. I pulled out my overstuffed wallet and was quickly introduced to the Wag Wallet. It was a total difference and I'll never go back to my thick, overstuffed wallet. Thanks Very Much"

- Chris, Florida

"What an excellent product, I’ve had 5 back surgeries and tried all types of wallets none as good as this one. It is light, flexible, expandable, and simple to use. I can carry all my cards, cash and even my Truck key WOW!"

- Robert

"Once you try it you will never go back to a conventional wallet. I drive alot now and don't miss the back pain from sitting on that wallet. Been using the same one for about 5 years now. Thanks for the awesome product!"

- Bruce

"This product is a great asset when traveling on a business trip in a strange / congested area. You are always aware of your credit cards and legal tender. A great invention!

- Jim