Attention Chiropractors

Stop sitting on your wallet!

How many times have you told this to a patient?

Wouldn't it be better to give your patients the solution rather than advice?
Now you have the answer: The Wag Wallet!

Is there a need to reduce time carrying a heavy purse?
The Wag Wallet is the answer!

We understand the truth is that sitting on a wallet or carrying a heavy purse will cause subluxations!

Increase patient results, retention, and most of all referrals: with one tool!

Think about it: Patients look at their wallet several times each day. Give them a custom Wag Wallet and your patients will always have your name and number at hand and will love it!

You will be proud to give your patients the value of our chiropractic wallet. It is easy to use and women love it! Your patients benefit as well as your practice!

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